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Serving Our Same Original Specialties Since 1959... Thank You Wichita For Your Continued Support.
Serving Our Same Original Specialties Since 1959... Thank You Wichita For Your Continued Support.

About Us

Our new location storefront

After being closed for 10 years we are humbled and grateful to 

    be back serving Wichita by popular demand.  

Our reception back has been amazing!!! And at this time, we are     experiencing high order volumes and are doing our very best to service you as quickly and as efficiently possible. 
Angelo's food is made to order using fresh not precooked meats
on our pizzas.
The prep and cook time for a Deluxe pizza is approximately 35-40 minutes and if we are busy could be longer due to limited oven space. 
We are not the cheapest (high quality ingredients made from scratch) 
We are not the fastest (limited oven space and busy!) But Our customers think we are the best!!  Thank you for your patience and patronage. We look forward to serving you!

Angelo Fasciano, founder

ANGELO'S ITALIAN FOODS was founded by Ann and Angelo Fasciano. The couple, who moved to Derby, Kansas from Derby, Connecticut in 1952 began cooking and delivering Pizza's out of their home in 1958.  A year later they opened their first location at Pawnee and Laura then moving to their longest standing location at the intersection of Harry and Hillside.
In 2001, the Harry location was forced to move due to the sale of the land underneath it and the final location was on South Oliver.Throughout the years there were other Angelo's  locations serving Wichita including East Kellogg, Amidon, West Street and West Central.
The Early Years
Customers may fondly remember throughout the 60's and 70's the Harry street location when it was on the North side of the street. The basement dining room, the dumb-waiter transporting the food downstairs and the hectic always bustling atmosphere with lines out the door and closing time of 1am on Fri and Sat. Others may recall always being met by their favorite waitress and if it was at lunchtime her name was most likelyTiny.
Angelo's long standing reputation was built on signature dishes made from fresh ingredients and made from scratch. The Deluxe Pizza what would be Pizza Huts Supreme-- but don't dare call it that, please!  - ours was the Deluxe -- Pasta dishes including lasagna, manicotti, spaghetti and meatballs, submarine sandwiches, made with our fresh baked bread, home made Italian sausage, signature salad with pickled eggplant and many more house favorites.
Angelo's had the pleasure of serving loyal Wichitans for over 46 years closing it's doors in 2006 leaving locals longing for the dishes they had grown to love.
In July, 2014, Denise Neil, food editor for the Wichita Eagle, conducted a survey of the 10 Favorite Wichita Restaurants That Have Closed.  Wichitans named nearly 200 local restaurants that were no more.  By far the most mentioned restaurant was Angelo's ! 
As a result of the heightened awareness the Facebook page Bring Back Angelo's to Wichita was formed by a long standing customer.  The page, with over 3700 followers, prompted a Kickstarter program to raise money for the founders son, Jack Fasciano, to help fund him back in business.
The fundraiser was a success we have reopened! 

Angelos Italian Restaurant      
 5231 E. Central Ave. Suite A
 Wichita, Kansas 67208
 316 612-9058
 Hours of Operation
 Tuesday-Sat. 11am- 9pm
 (phones answered at 10am)

 Sunday: 12-4pm     (phones answered at 11am)
 Closed Monday

With our tenure of 46 years in business many Wichitan's have their own personal memories with us that are etched forever in their minds. To reopen is much like trying to catch lightening in a bottle. We have tall shoes to fill!  To re-create that former experience, and meet high expectations, is ultimately our goal. For those that have not experienced us we hope to gain your business this second time around.

Since reopening we have experienced some challenges and are learning and correcting things constantly.

We welcome your feedback good and bad as it keeps us in the constant persuit of improvement.  You may also submit any comments or requests through the contact us page of our website.  

Thank you,


Our primary fb page with 3600 members was formerly a private group and was recently converted to public.

to post and receive updates  please request to be a member.